Friday, April 17, 2015

Mera Bharat Mahaan

where teachers fail students for tuitions, re-examination fees or for other selfish motives, where school principals have their own selfish objectives, where school management is all about making profit out of running schools utilizing every kind of legitimate and non-legitimate methods, where complains against teacher, principal or school will keep doing the rounds because everybody listening to the complain was already well aware and a part of the circle, squeezing and pressurizing parents to extort money for their beloved children,

where school, college, Engineering/ Medical/ Law colleges are funded and established by the people who have made money by applying methods of different forms of thuggery, where private colleges offering professional courses depends on touts to fill the seats, where touts may offer seats to anybody with hefty and deep pockets, where engineering, law and medical professional degrees are awarded to the students who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "struggle",

Good Health:
where private hospitals have these same insensitive Junior and Sr. doctors naturally apathetic, impatient, and cruel to the visiting patients, charge hefty amounts, doesn't know how to provide the right diagnosis, miles away from what is being taught in medical colleges about symptoms and diagnosis, leaving the chapters on patient's emotion and stress management for qualifying the exams,  they get the customers billed for unnecessary tests, completely devoid of moral and ethical values, with focus only to make more and more money, where each doctor is a part of various kind of doctors' syndications, good and ethical people not fitting in various doctors syndications are drifting out to foreign countries,

where medical staff in hospitals are not well trained, where doctors are promoting not-so-well-tested medicines because of the commissions, where drug stores are selling duplicate medicines or even expired medicines to illiterates and literates,

Law & Order
Where police is not your friend when you are fucked up, bullied-up, stolen, attacked, killed or in a badly distressed situation, where anybody can be secessionist, terrorist, murderer or a thief because Police thinks so, even if you are not they will frame it for you that will be accepted by the honourable court

where for complaining you can't find a genuine advocate, advocates doesn't use their advocacy skills but the bargaining skills in courts, where judges doesn't judge the crime but the amount of money on case-to-case basis, where people without committing crimes are in jail but the people with heavy charges are roaming among the innocent  people, these same criminals may sometimes opt to go to jail too depending upon various situations, where citizens can't hope a justice from the system if doesn't have deep pockets or the part of the corrupt system who was mistakenly stumbled into a crime

Media & Journalism
where press publishes on papers, magazines, tv channels, internet channels, social media facebook, twitter the things that pleases the funders and bosses of a journalist, where press is not independent, each journalist have their own vicious circle and they speak, talk, publish only to bolster their circle, they avoid speaking that their masters on top-of-them are not going to like and they can be kicked out of their service, and 1000 more are ready to replace them so they are replacing themselves to not to be replaced,

Media & Entertainment
where on the name of entertainment they author senseless dramas, comedy serials lack the real jokes, where everything on TV is a cheapest copy of some foreign stuff, where serials never end, where cinemas lack stories, imagination lacks the creativity, actors are children, relatives of old day celebrities and are far from acting, where songs and singers are pathetic, music composed is again a copy, people in entertainment industry too have their own vicious networking producing and bringing half-baked stories

Financial Corporations
where they fool aged elder literate illiterate people, get their money to be completely burn off in various charges and in buying junk ULIPs, Insurance Policies, stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, Mutual funds, Bullions and so many other worthless financial products, where they hide real T&C in a legal language far from the understanding and deciphering capabilities of common people

Cable, Telecom, and Internet Giants
where if they are giving you a flawless service then it is not your right but their kindness, if your service is disrupted for a month and you don't want to pay a bill be ready for the disconnection, again you won't like to lodge a legal complaint or may choose to smash your head with customer support executives

Online Retailers
again if they are servicing to you satisfactorily with the right product within due time that is their kindness not your right, you can't do much if they don't, you may post on facebook, and write blogs that will lost under the UGC (User Generated Content) flood ...

Customer Support
where customer support exist for all organizations but you can't complain there and may like to keep calling indefinitely for wrong doing without any action because there are no escalation paths, turn-around-time and if they do exist that is not publicly announced, where you can't fight with a legal notice to the corporate giants who have lot of money and hundreds of experts burning their asses for the corporations

Faulty Products, Customer Dissatisfactions, Customer Support Inactivity
you can't do much here unless you have a lot of free time and money to fight a legal battle and well versed with how the legal systems work in India, there are consumer forums and courts where you can lodge your complaint and wait or may like to spend your time passing through all the "84000 reincarnations as per Hindu Mythology" to return back in Human form and get the status

Govt Welfare Schemes & Policies
where government doesn't supply food, water, electricity, roads to its citizen in just a little remote areas (these remote areas can be a part of megacities like Delhi, Mumbai too), govt policies doesn't encourage farmers, small industries, local manufacturers, artists to boost-up their businesses but are made to suit FDI, large capital groups, Enron, Jindal, Tata, Birla, Reliance etc, where people in the assembly represents different capitalist groups/lobbies and promote their causes, pass resolutions to help them boost their business, where crowd listening to the politicians are rented in favour of small sum of money or petty things, and politician too knows and consider the crowd collected to listen their speech as the paid crowd but feel it will look good in media and show-must-go-on,
oh-yes if you want to raise your voice about irregularities in various govt welfare schemes you may join the league of RTI activist and comfortably be a part of this page

and to be continued ...
where the local grocery store are selling non-branded adulterated eatables (wheat, rice, pulses, cereals etc) on 5-6 times of the cost for profit making, and branded items are selling adulterated eatables in like a well-known manner and more costly than their non-branded counterparts, where they are selling milk prepared artificially, where they are selling kids chocolates, ice-creams again prepared in non-hygienic way,

where manufacturers of clothes, garments, jewels are preparing and distributors, shopkeepers are selling you the duplicate things lot costlier than the original things, where software engineers and companies selling you the software full of bugs and crashes, where handset manufacturers floating duplicate devices abundantly

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How to Service Your Car

So, it happened and as it usually happens ... I wanted to get my old car ALTO LXI that has run for around 60K KM for regular servicing. So, I called somebody that is Motorcraft in Noida Sector 63 (as they keep bugging me for car servicing due date approaching tamasha) to pick and drop my car for car service. The driver came up and took my car and after half an hour someone called me from Motorcraft detailing me that it is going to cost around 7000 INR for same ... and I was like hell... I wanted them to do it for around 2K bucks therefore I asked them what all are they going to do and requested them for cost breakup and there you go:

Engine oil and Oil filter = 1200, Castrol Normal

wheel balancing = 1300 rs
200 rs for packing (dont know what that means) and 650 rs for some special kind of cleaning
450 rs injector cleaning
Gear Oil = 1000
Break Oil , Coolant = 850 rs
Spark Plug = 250 rs
Air filter = 500 rs
Servicing charges = 1305 rs
7705 + taxes = ~7500 INR

I started begging them to leave few things so that I may hit that 3000 INR target atleast. But, the guy started taking me into confidence that he will try his best to wrap in 5000 INR and will not replace or put anything that is unnecessary. But, still it was too far away from my original estimate.

So, One of my colleague Gaurav who overheard all this conversation told me to ask these guys return back my car and we decided to explore the car market itself (let me tell you that Gaurav had certain idea about DIY of a car), so I asked them to return my car and they came down to 4000 bucks but still I wanted my to take control of my car service now and pressurised them to abide, therefore they returned it with 250 bucks charges for car pick and drop that was otherwise free.

We went to the market, where while surfing a guy appeared asking that he will do all the servicing for my car and will take 150 bucks, we agreed as we really don't wanted to go beneath the car. He checked all those different kind of Oil and filters and plugs and told me that only thing I need was coolant and Engine Oil, Oil Filter, and Air Filter and buy fro any shop. So here are the MRP price of these things at the shop:

Castrol Engine Oil = 850 Rs (3.5 ltr)
Oil Filter = 60 rs
Air Filter = 250 rs
Coolant = 250 rs
Servicing charges = 200 rs
Break Oil, Gear Oil, Spark Plug, Injector cleaning = not required
Denting charges = 100 rs (my front and back bumpers were bit out of location)
Total Sum = 1710 rs with Taxes :)

I also got petrol filled for 2000 and at Dolly Motors I got 50% discount on wheel balancing.
Now, decide yourself how are they running those customer support and free driver pick and drop service at Motorcraft.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Waynad Trip

Highly excited with the last trip, all the people involved wanted to spend more vacation time and they somehow managed to make me work for 1 more week from Bangalore office only so that next weekend we could have plan for some Kerala trip. Earlier we wanted to go Kanya-kumari or Pondicherry or Goa but nothing was seemingly fitting for a 3 day trip. While browsing websites we came across something known as tree-houses and everybody now wanted to take that advantage, and the place where we had spotted those tree house was something named as Waynad, none of us had ever heard about it, while enquiring from several Southy friends we concluded that it is a highly appreciated place and worth to go, and it was also fitting with our schedule and budget at hand. We ditrbuted the task of staying, arranging cab and tour plan among four of us leaving girls to just enjoy without thinking or stressing too much ;) ... so we started on Thursday night after 1 am as the Kerala Govt. Authority keep the Waynad entrance closed for 12 am to 7am because of a forest area of around 20 km stretch. This place was around 350KM away and cab driver told us it will take around 6-7 hours to reach there. we had already booked the resort via phone, as Dhadhoo got the address of some resort named as Green Mount Cottage run by Mr. Martin Lopez and we got it listed from a website, and later we realized that they also have their own website, anyway for anybody interested, I am pasting all the necessary info below in this post regarding cottage charges and contacts etc.
Banasura Dam;
We booked the Qualis from some Manish cabs near to BTM watertank, they took 500 INR advance and 200 INR driver charges in case of 10 pm later drivings and 9Rs/km, it was an AC Qualis (we actually didn't require AC for much of the time). We actually wanted to hire a Double AC Qualis but later we realized that seemingly Bangalore doesn't require that due to nice weather conditions there. So, we hit the Waynad district in the morning around 8am and the place where we had booked the lodging was Kalpetta. Its a small village with hills all over the sides and lot and lot of green forest and tea gardens. We didn't encounter much of the tea garden while reaching to Kalpetta but while travelling to Soochipada explained shortly. We noticed bunch of small huts here and there ditrbuted in the middle of forest area and nothing surronuding them like some dense population or some market area and wondering about the difficulties of daily life there, not sure how do they manage their daily affairs but from an external world eyes they were looking pretty awesome concept of a way of spending life, where an individual is farmer, farming happily on a small chunk of land, living in small hut completely furnished with all the necessity and having wife and kids, having a nearby school for kids and hospital for anykind of sickness treatment, everybody was feeling like a fairy tale dream to spend such a life there
... so we hit the Green Mount cottage at 9PM morning where Mr. Martin Lopez was waiting for us with a complimentary breakfast of Masala dosa and tea. Tired after a night long journey we get refreshed in around 2 hours or so and had heavy breakfast, that was completely unlimited and after eating too much from our side we felt that the serving basket was still filled :) .... well, it was a nice drizzling there when we started for Banasura Dam that was around 30 KM from that place.

Again on a nice hilly road we started off for this place and it took almost 1 hour to reach there, Banasura dam is a project where they have lot of water one side, and a cloudy green mountain on the other side and a walkable road in between, they also provide motor-boating facility where they roam in the lake for around 30 minutes. After enjoying that place for 2-3 hours we returned back completely tired to our cottage. Had a pamphlet fish filled dinner at a nearby hotel, and that was an awesome dish I swear.

So, next day we started in morning 10 am again after a sumptuous breakfast of idli courtesy to Mr. Martin Lopez for Edakkal caves. Cottage owner was an excellent guide too who told us about how to reach and what to do. Well, Edakkal cave was not a good idea as it was first very high for climbing with most of the climbing unlike trekking was stairs and stones, highly crowded and raining badly on that day and there was nothing very exciting about it atleast inside the cave, although outside there was a place (highly congested and crowded) like a viewpoint from where one can view a beautiful sight, but was not enough to perfectly rationalize a cost-effort scenario. So while retuning back all hungry people visited an aunty's lunch cafe where we witnessed Kerala rice and ate it with sambhar, obviously was not a North Indian taste but was good enough to kill a hungry and tired tummy fire. From there we started to Meenmutty waterfall area, a nearby place but still around 20 km away and took around an hour to reach there .... we liked this place because we got a chance to do a small trekking like experience of 2-3 kms, but the fall was not much impressive, although the path to fall was a bit adventurous as it has lot of algae filled stones in the way. Then, we carried to Soochipara through a lushful greenery of tea mountains and forest, captivating enough to win any heart and Soochipara was again a waterfall kind of experience, but a nice waterfall and the recommended one. Here there was an opportunity to actually drench yourself near the waterfall with very cold water something like I had experienced earlier with Kempty fall near to Mussoorie.

So after it again a day off and dinner full of pamphlet fish, game of card (bluffing was the only game with which everybody was seemingly an expert) and then a tight sleep. next day we had to vacate the cottage, rain had destroyed our plan of camp-firing and high cost had destroyed our plan of tree houses but still we were very happy inside. Next day, we were supposed to vacate the cottage and after a nice discussion with Mr. Martin we left the place and reached to Pookod lake. Highly un-recommended place, never go there, boats were there but of no use, fish museum was also boring thing and then pathetic mirror museum and nothing there, highly furstrating place, so it was a time to say good-bye to Kerala and return back.

Again Bangalore by 11:30 PM night and I flied back to Delhi by 11 am morning and then back to routine life after a fun-filled travel and a lot of sweet memories ....
*PS - Second pic is Banasura Dam, Third pic is Meenmutty Waterfall, Fourth pic is Soochipada waterfall and the last one is Green Mount Cottage. For interested people, below is the address:
The address of the hotel is *Old Market Road, (Opp Post Office),Kalpetta, Wayanad, Wayanad- 673121* Contact Number :-* 04936 -203512, 09446257530* Contact Person :-*Mr.Martin Lopez

ShivSamudram Trip

So, it was all started with a sudden program to Chennai. I was supposed to stay a day there and return back to Noida office back as fast as possible. But taking advantage of the fact that I have a facility to also work from Bangalore, I thought it would be a nice option to say hi to my friends and office colleague at Bangalore and then return back. It took only 6hours and 500 INR to reach Bangalore from Chennai. At Chennai, all you need to do is to reach outside the Chennai central and talk to travel agent shops there for a luxury class sleeping volvo coach and they will book the seat just like we do on railway's irctc website, looked very impressive to me unlike going to Anand Vihar here and finding out which bus is available for a particular location and that too without any official help.

Well, it was a pleasant weather there at Bang, talked to friends there and decided to spend the Saturday part of weekend at Shivsamudram. This place was nearly 120KM away from Bangalore and is famous for a large waterfall there. We hired a Qualis and reached to the location around in 4 hours time duration. South Indian highways are very impressive, smooth (just like Hema Malini's cheeks ;)) and straight (like a snake ;)..), no bumpiness and full of small and midsize hills and lush greenery around that makes one feel very good.

However, last 40 km before reaching Shivsamudram reminded me of Delhi-Aligarh GT road, same bumpiness and cracken road. Have enjoyed near the waterfall, nothing much to eat there, we were there with our own biscuits, dry-cakes and cold-drink. There we found a small restaurant that was serving Rice and Sambhar and that was sufficient enough to kill the small amount of hungriness in all of us. Resorted to mineral water so as to avoid any kind of probable mishappening with stomach.

Two hours were sufficient to spend at that place and then we travelled one and half more hour to a nearby place called Talkad, again road was not very impressive and was severely broken at many places. It was a watery place and was upto our necks, we drencehd ourself with a little ball-play there for an hour, few of us also enjoyed the bowl-boating there and I lost my eye-glasses in the river while trying Shadab's summersault :( ..... and again back to Bangalore with lot of fun of antakshari and sholey and with small brawls in the car didn't realize when we reached back with lot of fresh memories forever.

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Trade Secrets

Have got this link from one of my favorite sis ... posting it here so that I dont forget it:

Monday, November 02, 2009

True Wealth

Thanks to a friend, woh had forwarded me this link .... Swami Vivekananda on spirituality:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Message of Quran

This is Quran with meaning and notes from Muhammad Asad:
Muhammad Asad is an author of famous book - Road To Mecca and to know more about him, please visit:

Munshi Premchand

A collection of stories from Munshi PremChand:

There was a time when I was a big fan of Munshi Premchand and his stories. Got this valuable collection of his stories over internet, so bookmarking it for future refrence.

Munshi PrmChand and his life:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yeh Mera India

This is a movie about urban India.
When I started this movie with a very low expectation and was passing through the first scene where a guy with a very cool attitude tells Society Guard that his car has been stolen and requested him to allow inside the society, I sarcastically told to one of my friend who was watching along "see people in India handles situation of a stolen car with such a cool attitude, even with these guard kind of people" and I got my answer few seconds later .....

This is a movie about how different kind of people who belong to different class, education level, religion, caste, region, age, status are surviving together and how things get right and how things sometimes go awfully wrong under certain circumstances. I appreciate N.Chandra and his crew as very few directors try with this kind of experimental cinema. Even after picking up a rigt subject its not that easy to create a movie which without any big starcast keep the people binded to it just because of the strong storyline and interesting way of telling a story.

This movie was prepared keeping in mind all the aesthetics of a good storytelling, educating people about hatred and warning people about making common opinions (".. kyunki ap logon ne kuch chuninda kharab lamhon ko kuch chuninda acchey lamhon ke oopar zyada tarjeeh de dee hai ..").
1. I appreciate the way by which judge (Anupam Kher) saved his righteous judgement from getting it overshadowed by Victim's favor on him, but didn't forget to return his favor. Just put yourself in those shoes and think what kind of judgement you would have delievered (assuming that you dont know how Anupam Kher managed it).

2. Also, how through out your life you can forget that instance where friend (who was a communist supporter) of police inspector had almost killed him (obviously unknowingly) and he was saved by same Bhola Paswan (Rajpal Yadav) whom the same inspector had disrespected at many instances and who had got no helping hand at a new place except hatred and sarcastic comments by everybody and who hadn't got any skill except pulling a "hathgadee".

** probably our glorious movie reviewer Mr. Masand was expecting him end-up doing mimicry of superstars as he says that N.Chandra wasted the talent of Rajpal Yadav, this guy failed to appreciate the way Rajpal yadav had represented the situation of a common, simple and illiterate rural person @ urban metro like Mumbai with all his good talent.

3. Sarika had beautifully represented the class of those show-off people who are so boastful that they overlook as what kind of all wrong things they themselves are doing before cribbing the entire world for doing the things in a wrong manner.

** probably Mr. Masand belongs to this abhorrent and boastful class only.

4. How artistic is the dialogue ... how communist and religion justify the same murder with different theorylines ... communist will say a capitalist is reduced while religion would say a sinner is reduced ...

** somebody told me that this movie was painfully predicatable .. I guess probably he knew this dialogue in advance and just didn't want us to get aware of it ;) ...

5. Look at the situation of Seema Biswas in the movie who was at the second last stage of the bottom of the pyramid (bottom most was Bhola Paswan) depicted in this movie, despite of all her hatred towards her Mistress, she didn't fail to show her mercy on Sarika's pity situation (.. remember the lines from Satya, bhagwan mauka sabko deta hai ...) ....

6. After all of these good and bad taste I liked the end of the movie which ends with a beautiful note of humanity, mercy and religious harmony. Despite all of the bad things movie successfully keeps people faith in judgement and righteous act. It teaches us what to do and what not to do to be a better and more civilized citizen.

Now, I pity on all those absof**k**gly idiot movie reviewers who overlooked this beauty of the movie all the way just because of the lack of any superstar or forigner directors' hand.

In my opinion, this is a beautiful piece of artwork which happens very rarely in India and if it happens then never encouraged by the majority of literate/illiterate Indians so overkilling all the good talents.

I also love to talk about other realistic cinemas like Hazaron khwahishein aisee, Mumbai meri Jaan, Welcome to Sajjanpur (depicts rural India), RangDeBasanti, Gulal, Dil-dosti-etc and so on which never get true recognition and encouragement either by Filmfare awards or Oscar nominations from India. Just wondering if there exist a way by which we can reach our vox populi for the entry of these movies into these awards. Atleast we can write such directors to come up with more such stories.

**PS - Gulal was obviously not a realistic cinema but was an entertaining and very Indian story, so I also put it in list.